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Normablock spring system (Pikolin) .- It is designed to provide added strength in the larger area of the body weight: lumbar.Los docks area are linked by means of a spiral that run off the surface of the headboard to footboard, creating measures of marriage two entirely separate seating areas.

Spring system knotless Cosiflex (Flex) .- Block springs high stability and elasticity to fit the shape of cuerpo.Superficie maximum support because of their greater number of independent bloque.Firmeza wharves at each pressure point.

Multleástic continuous spring system (Flex) .- double block piers that ensures continuous thread comportmiento mattress optimal adaptation to the body. Each spring works interchangeably depending on the weight supported.


.- Polyurethane foam is a porous plastic material formed by an aggregation of bubbles. Basically we can divide into two polyether and polyester.

.-Foam HR (high resilience or high resistance) .- polyurethane foam is higher quality, have different densities per cubic meter can be soft, firm and very firm. This foam provides higher quality or Resistance and resilience in recovery, are also more breathable.

.- It is a memory foam foam thermal generation, resulting from the investigation of viscoelastic espacial.Existen two types:

a) Viscoelastic Foam is also called thermal foam, as it reacts to body temperature adapted to body shapes like a mold, is used in most mattresses and for air circulation is faster used in upholstery and nucleus, it is optimal to combine 6 or 7 cm in viscoelastic, with a block of HR or polyurethane foam.

b) Viscoelastic molded .- The air circulation in this case is smaller and slower, are nails in the manufacture of the pillow.
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